Rax and the fog of horror

The Rax and the fog of horror in the twilight

The Rax is one of the two eponymous mountain ranges of the Rax-Schneeberg group. It is a long mountain and is one of Vienna's local mountains. Despite gray in gray, we wanted to capture the gloomy mood on this winter day and drove to the Ramssattel by car. Read here where the photo spot is, what can be seen in the photo and how you can take particularly atmospheric photos at dusk.

AR:Photo Rax and the fog of horror


The Rax is one of the two eponymous mountain ranges of the Rax-Schneeberg group. It is located on the border between the federal states of Styria and Lower Austria, about 80 km south of Vienna and is one of Vienna's local mountains. The Heukuppe is the highest point at 2007 m and is located in Styria.

The Ramssattel is only a few kilometers south of the Rax and can be easily reached by car. A little away from the village, a meadow gave us a clear view of the elongated Rax. On the AR:Photo you can see countless peaks as well as the Karl-Ludwig-Haus, the Otto-Haus and the mountain station of the Raxseilbahn. In addition, the ALT 3D Model immediately reveals the highest point of the Rax.

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Photo spot

We set up the tripod in the snow and attached the camera to the ball head. Since we will be exposing for longer, it was important to place the tripod as deep as possible in the snow or, if possible, to put something hard such as stones or wood underneath. Warming the soles of your feet are also advisable in winter, otherwise you will freeze in the snow and miss the right moment.

The photo spot is suitable all day, especially when the weather is nice, as there is practically always backlight or sidelight. This illuminates the Rax vividly and increases the richness of detail, which is especially important for AR:Photos. As an encore, there is also a sunset with a sun star in the evening in summer.


Especially at dusk, the different light sources of the sky, topography and artificial lighting are very balanced and give the photo a lot of variety and colors. With my Sony a7 ii the right time is with an exposure time of approx. 20-60 sec with ISO 100 and aperture 11.

When we started to take photos, a fog came over the woods from the side and covered the neighboring village of Raach in the high mountains. Now the scene got that certain something! Later in the photo development with Luminar 4, the haze was removed and the sharpness increased.

I hope to have captured the mood with the image composition of fog, rax and artificial lighting and I am happy if you like this photo.

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In the next few posts I will visit other beautiful photo spots in the Vienna and Lower Austria area. I report on the different lighting conditions and image compositions on site, the previous search for suitable photo spots and of course the final photo development with Luminar 4.

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