Hochwechsel at a blood-red sunset

Hochwechsel at a blood-red sunset in the rush of wind

At over 1700 m, the Hochwechsel is the main summit of the Wechsel and can even be reached by car in summer. There is a 360° view far into Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria. So ideal conditions for particularly spectacular sunrises and sunsets in clear weather. Follow me here and find out how I took the photo and what can be seen on it.

AR:Photo of the Hochwechsel at a blood-red sunset


The Wechsel is a low mountain range in the east of Austria with the 1743 m high Hochwechsel as the main peak and two other peaks over 1700 m. The mountain range forms the border between the federal states of Lower Austria and Styria, southeast of the Semmering and northeast of the Graz Basin, over 15 km the Feistritzsattel and the pass of the same name.

Since the toll road for Hochwechsel is only open in summer, we parked at Mönichwalder Schwaig and from then on we walked for about three quarters of an hour along the Hochwechsel road up to Hochwechsel. Although there is an impressive view in all directions, the striking Schneeberg is unfortunately somewhat obstructed by the hills in front of it. That is why we took photos in the direction of Stuhleck and the Hochschwab group into the sunset.

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At first glance, the highest mountain on the AR:Photo is not easy to make out. Only with the help of the 3D ALT Model or the Places ALT Filter does the Hochschwab reveal itself as the highest peak. The Hohe Veitsch protrudes more prominently but lower in the middle and to the right of it the Stuhleck runs out of the picture. You can also see the Rossegger- and the Alois Günther House enthroned on the summit.

Taking photos at sunset

When we finally found a suitable motif a little below the summit, the sun was already setting and offered us a blood-red sunset with spectacular clouds. Since there was no more time to set up the tripod stable in the snow, I took photos hand-held with image stabilization activated. Here, of course, the high contrast range of my Sony A7 II pays off. At home, the Luminar 4 removed the haze a little and raised the colors slightly.

I hope to have captured the mood with the composition of sunset, clouds and snowy mountain range and I am happy if you like this photo.

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In the next few posts I will visit other beautiful photo spots in the Vienna and Lower Austria area. I report on the different lighting conditions and image compositions on site, the previous search for suitable photo spots and of course the final photo development with Luminar 4.

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