AR:Photo Plugin 4.0

Unique & Interactive Landscape AR:Photos for every website worldwide

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  • Worldwide unique
  • 4 million Geo:Places from 100 categories worldwide
  • Interactive - Click on the AR: Photo and get the geographic location
  • Responsive Design adapts to all display sizes - desktop, tablet, smartphone
  • Supported browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera (desktop + mobile)

For whom is the AR: Photo plugin?



Regions | Platforms | Company | Hotels | ...

Give your customers the opportunity to discover their landscape using augmented reality (AR). The deeper connection to the landscape and the region creates a unique recognition value and as a result higher customer loyalty.

"Use the full potential of your outdoor photos and put your landscape in the right scene!"



Panoramas | 360 degrees | Drones | Skylines | Landscapes | Webcams | ...

Let the viewer of your landscape photos dive deeper into the scene using augmented reality. Many photo enthusiasts not only want to SEE your work of art but also to KNOW what is in your photos.

Real Estate


Broker | Architects | Civil engineers | ...

Show your customers the 3D-Model of your property or building in advance IN your AR:Photos placed on your website. This way the viewer sees how your project will fit into the environment in the future and gives it a particularly real touch.



Archeology | Geology | Glaciology | Meteorology | ...

Regardless of whether archaeological excavations, cave structures, glacier movements or meteorological events. Much is in the context of the surrounding topography and would like to be precisely visualized on AR:Photos.

What's next?

  • GEOPATHES - Hiking trails
  • 360° - 360 degree panoramic view
  • 3D - Tall buildings in 3D


<img id"ar-photo" src"ar-photo.jpg" />

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The AR photo plug-in is free for private users with little traffic. Please contact us for activation and / or for more information.

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