AR: Photo camera app 4.0

Make your own AR:Photos or use Geo:AR in live through the camera viewfinder


  • Take your own AR:Photos with the built-in camera
  • The Geo:Assistant supports you every step of the way
  • 2.6 million locations from 24 categories worldwide
  • Interactive - Click on an AR:Photo and get the geographic location / vice versa
  • Worldwide 3D-Model with altitude, distance and gradient contour lines
  • Geo: Radar - Scan your surroundings with a theodolite

AR:Camera App

Download the AR:Camera app from the Google Play Store for free!

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Demo video

Shows the functions of an AR:Photo that was taken with our AR:Photo Camera App.



You don't just want to see but also know WHAT is visible through your camera or on your outdoor photos? You are wondering what is the name of the sight on your holiday photo, how high is the striking mountain opposite or how far away is the small island through the camera viewfinder?

Then the new Geo:AR Photo Camera App will provide you with answers. Simply display more than 2.6 million geographical locations worldwide from 24 Open Street Map (OSM) categories, from mountain peaks to castles to the tallest buildings, beaches and islands using Augmented Reality (AR). Or simply touch any point on your Geo:AR Photo/Camera or the integrated OSM.


The many innovations make the app indispensable for various outdoor activities such as sightseeing, hiking, ski touring, skiing, flying or professionally for forest workers, shipping, surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers and search and rescue workers around the world.

Vacation photos

Explore sights on your interactive AR vacation photo and relearn your vacation destination. Choose from the OSM categories or directly by touch on the integrated OSM. On the Geo:AR photo, sights are easy to identify visually and, with the corresponding Wikipedia article, add the icing on the cake.

Summit finder

The free version includes a summit finder with more than 400,000 peaks worldwide. This allows you to out unknown peaks in remote areas either in real time through the camera or on your Panorama AR:Photo. Just click on the summit and the summit finder will show you the corresponding Wikipedia link. As a highlight, the summit finder only shows you visible summits, so only really interesting ones.

Panorama panel

Turn your panorama photos into interactive and mobile panorama boards without unrealistic graphics, razor sharp, always up to date. It doesn't matter whether you are photographing the panorama of striking mountain ranges or skylines of cities with tall buildings. Once photographed, your AR panorama photo shows you timelessly and interactively from mountain peaks to the highest buildings the name, the height, position and the corresponding Wikipedia article.

Geotag photos

With the app, various geotags are saved in the AR geotag photo. In addition to geotagging, i.e. the geographical position Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, this also includes the orientation azimuth, elevation and horizon angle. Geotags of date, time, satellites, magnetic interference field and camera settings are also recorded. The geotags will be shown in your AR geotag photo as required. So you always know the geographical position and with the orientation and the opening angle what your camera or photo is visually capturing.

Ski touring

You can plan your ski tour interactively directly on the AR Geotag photo and easily identify slopes at risk of avalanches. Using the 3D contour lines for the gradient, you can see the different gradients from 0-90° with a resolution of 2°. At more than 30° the color changes to cyan, then there is a risk.


With the free range finder (Geo: Radar) you scan the distance of the visible surroundings in real time through the camera. In doing so, you aim at the location with the crosshairs and, in addition to the distance, you also get the topographical structure along the floor line. With the rangefinder from the app, particularly long distances can be measured precisely.

The AR:Camera App includes a multi-function camera with a precision gyroscope-magnetometer-compass, 2-axis inclinometer, 3D GPS receiver, precision altimeter, precision magnetic jamming meter, GeoTagging and much more. Therefore the following is necessary:

  • Sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • Graphics card (Opengl ES 3.1, Video RAM>2GB)
  • Network connection (LAN, WLAN, mobile)
  • Satellite navigation (GPS, Glonass, ...)

The Android AR:Photo camera app Camara was funded by the Vienna Business Agency.


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