Blog 2020

The Rax and the fog of horror in the twilight

The Rax is one of the two eponymous mountain ranges of the Rax-Schneeberg group. It is a long mountain and is one of Vienna's local mountains. Despite gray in gray, we wanted to capture the gloomy mood on this winter day and drove to the Ramssattel by car. Read here where the photo spot is, what can be seen in the photo and how you can take particularly atmospheric photos at dusk.

Schneeberg with Peterskirche on a winter day

The Schneeberg is a mountain range of the Rax-Schneeberg-Gruppe. It is the highest mountain in Lower Austria and the easternmost and northernmost two thousand meter high summit in the Alps. The small baroque St. Peter and Paul Church, easily accessible by car, should serve as the foreground. I'll tell you where I took the photo, what can be seen on it, and when to take a photo with a polarizing filter.

Sugared Rax in the cold December air

Follow me to the first photo spot of my blog about the Rax, a mountain range of the Rax-Schneeberg Group. The Rax is located in eastern Austria on the border between the federal states of Styria and Lower Austria and is one of Vienna's local mountains. Here you can find out where the photo was taken and of course what can be seen on it.