Blog January 2021

From the Peilstein heading west into the sunset

The Peilstein in the southern Vienna Woods is popular as a climbing garden because of its high rock faces sloping to the west. After under an hour's walk, the Peilsteinhaus, built in 1923 by the Austrian Alpine Club, awaits you at the summit. Further ahead by the rock faces the forest thins out and gives a clear view to the west. In the following you will find out how I take photos in moonlight, what can be seen in the photo and why very nice pictures are possible in the blue hour.

Schneeberg from the mystical Mariahilfberg under a starry sky

The Mariahilfberg near Gutenstein is a place of pilgrimage in southern Lower Austria, located on a saddle below the 818 m high Residenzberg. The photo spot is only a short walk away from car parking, so it can be reached quickly, especially for night photographers. Read here what mystical charisma the place has, what can be seen there and what you should look out for in the “Starscape” photography.

The castle ruins Emmerberg towards Schneeberg and sun star

The castle ruin Emmerberg is a medieval hilltop castle in an advanced stage of decay on a ridge above the Prosset gorge in the southeast of Lower Austria. From the car park on the country road, a path leads past the Emmerberg castle ruins up to the Schloßberg behind. Here you can read what I do when the subject is misaligned, what can be seen in the photo and what you should pay attention to in backlighting.