Rax from Thürmannsdorf

Sugared Rax in the cold December air

Follow me to the first photo spot of my blog about the Rax, a mountain range of the Rax-Schneeberg Group. The Rax is located in eastern Austria on the border between the federal states of Styria and Lower Austria and is one of Vienna's local mountains. Here you can find out where the photo was taken and of course what can be seen on it.

AR:Photo Rax from Thürmannsdorf


The Rax is one of the two mountain ranges of the Rax-Schneeberg-Gruppe. On the border with the federal states of Styria and Lower Austria, it is about 80 km south of Vienna and is one of Vienna's local mountains. The Heukuppe with 2007 m is its highest point and is located entirely in Styria.

The Rax is an elongated mountain range and I wanted to take a picture of it from the side at a slight angle. The hilly landscape between Rax and Semmering presented itself to me as the foreground.


In Google Earth I found a suitable position on the road to Thürmannsdorf. Only a short walk from the parking facility was the actual photo spot on the side of the road with an almost unobstructed view of the Rax.

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In addition to countless peaks, the Heukuppe towers majestically on the left, the highest point of the Rax with the Karl-Ludwig-Haus at foot. On the right, the Rax cable car leads over the Lahngraben to the nearby Ottohaus. Also of interest are the spring origins on the slopes of the Rax, which feed the Preinerbach with water.

Camera equipment

For this motif, I took my handheld photo without a tripod with the image stabilization activated on my Sony A7 II and the standard zoom lens. It was afternoon and the light came from the left behind. To increase the contrast and to intensify the colors, I used a polarizing filter. Since the sky and the clouds were not particularly spectacular, I decided to put the horizon line on the upper third line. The photo development was done with Luminar 4.

I hope the Rax with the gentle upstream hills combine to form a beautiful picture composition and I am happy if you like this photo.

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In the next few posts I will visit other beautiful photo spots in the Vienna and Lower Austria area. I report on the different lighting conditions and image compositions on site, the previous search for suitable photo spots and of course the final photo development with Luminar 4.

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